The Music Deck

from Kaila Flexer and Teslim

The Music Deck was developed by violinist/music educator Kaila Flexer to help her students have fun while learning to read music.

Similar to a standard deck of cards, The Music Deck contains four suits: eighth note, quarter note, half note and whole note. Instead of numbered cards, there are13 different pitches (treble clef only) starting with the G below middle C and going to the G above the staff. Additionally, there are four rest cards.

Flexer has adapted familiar games like Go Fish (Go Fiddle), Crazy Eights (Crazy Eighths) for The Music Deck.

With the aid of a Helper Sheet, these games can be played with no prior musical knowledge. As identifying pitches of notes and values of notes and rests becomes easier, players will naturally use the Helper Sheet less and less.

Includes: 52 playing cards, 2 helper sheet and one double sided sheet with game rules.

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Kaila Flexer and Teslim Oakland, California

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